Deliver Better Results by Building Effective Relationships

Core Strengths gives people the tools to take initiative, innovate and make smart decisions, by teaching teams how to:

Assess Motives: When Things Are Going Well

Experience the power and practicality of understanding people from the perspective of their motives—not just actions or behavior. The first part of your SDI (Strength Deployment Inventory) assessment will reveal your Motivational Value System (MVS). You’ll see how your MVS influences the way you work with others and how their MVS influences the way they work with you. You’ll also dive into your Action Planner, which will help you focus and apply everything you learn throughout the program into your role, so you can produce better results through relationships.

Assess Motives: When There Is Conflict

Based on your scientifically valid and reliable SDI results, you’ll continue learning about how your motives change during conflict and how that affects your working relationships. You’ll be prepared to anticipate and prevent unnecessary conflict and to avoid the substantial financial costs that are associated with your team conflict.

Bring the Right Strengths: Know Your Reasons

You have 28 strengths at your disposal and it is important to understand how to use the best strength for each of your high-stakes situations. In this module, you’ll look at how you currently use your strengths and learn how to deploy different strengths that will produce better results you’re looking for. You’ll also have an opportunity to see and hear exactly how your strengths are perceived by others and gain a new awareness about how your strengths affect your team relationships.

Bring the Right Strengths: Avoid Overdoing

Weaknesses often make it difficult work productively with others. What you don’t realize is that your weaknesses actually begin as a personal strength that is used in excess or leads to interpersonal conflict. You’ll will look at the ways you get over-invested in your strengths and how you limit your effectiveness. A powerful and revealing activity will show you exactly who you’re most likely to run into difficulty with if you overdo a strength so it actually becomes a liability (weakness). But more importantly, we’ll show you how to manage your overdone strengths and turn them back into the productive forces that you intend them to be.

Communicate in the Right Style: Use the Language of SDI

Core Strengths training is like learning a powerful new language. We help you build a collaboration vocabulary that you can use whether you’re writing a critical customer email or navigating tricky conference calls and important meetings. When you have a clear goal in mind and have assessed your motives and your stakeholder’s motives, you can literally speak the other person’s language. Then the challenge is to communicate in a way that your team will understand while still being true to yourself. We’ll show you, with structured practice, to learn this skill and then apply it to a high-stakes situation where you need to produce a key result.


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