Get Your People to Want to Be Accountable

Bring Core Strengths Accountability to Your Organization and Learn How to Develop Personal Accountability in Your Teams.

It’s a big promise, but we mean it — and we have 43 years of results to back it. Those results include more than two million people, across thousands of organizations, who work with more purpose, satisfaction, and success because of Core Strengths Accountability.

“Core Strengths Accountability is foundational to our leadership and career development programs. Our managers are excited by what they learn, and are eager to use the tools and resources. The improvement in working relationships and communication has led to increased accountability, collaboration and innovation. As a result, our sessions are always over-subscribed, with entire divisions asking for sessions dedicated exclusively to their teams.”
–Tim Perlick, Sr. Director, Professional Development, CME Group (Chicago Mercantile Exchange)

Today’s Reality? Managers can’t make people accountable.

That’s because true accountability is a choice. People choose to hold themselves accountable — to take personal responsibility for their actions. In the past, accountability was all about techniques for getting employees to do things. But these techniques don’t always connect. In fact, they tend to generate nothing more than compliance — not a sense of ownership and investment. Today, managers need people to take ownership for producing results. That’s where Core Strengths Accountability comes in. Our training helps managers maximize personal accountability in employees.

Equip managers to succeed. Give them the tools to take initiative, innovate, and make smart decisions. Give them the Core Strengths Accountability advantage.

Core Strengths Accountability integrates three business priorities:

  • People – a concern for helping and developing others
  • Performance – a concern for directing action and achieving results
  • Process – a concern for establishing clear and meaningful order
“A large bank was concerned that its managers weren’t being accountable for problems in their branches. They were referring too many interpersonal conflicts to Human Resources. Core Strengths Accountability improved their interpersonal skill ratings by 67%. Additionally, a subsequent study showed that these managers cut the amount of time they spent dealing with conflict by 25%. When the managers chose to take accountability for their high-stake situations, they not only improved real-time results, they also cut their employee turnover rate in half.”
-Case Study: International Society for Performance Improvement

What you’ll learn:

In this action-oriented workshop, you’ll discover how to:

  • Develop the skill of personal accountability.
  • Generate ownership by tapping into what motivates people.
  • Create a culture of “accountability by choice” in your team.
  • Draw from 28 strengths to produce the results needed in high-stakes situations.
  • Resolve conflict by knowing what matters to yourself and others, and using that knowledge to quickly and effectively address any situation.
  • Analyze your results from our award-winning assessments — including the Strength Deployment Inventory — to understand how to best engage your strengths.

“I’m constantly impressed by Core Strengths Accountability — both the content, and the ease with which it is delivered. It leverages the power of deep accountability, and puts that insight to work in the daily choices our managers make.”
–Debra LaCroix, Learning & Development, Princess Cruises

How you’ll learn:

Core Strengths Accountability workshops help you transform powerful new concepts into swift, effective action through:

  • Interactive lessons on how to take ownership and initiative to achieve results.
  • Peer discussions about overcoming stumbling blocks that hinder accountability.
  • Comprehensive learning tools that deliver personalized results (the SDI and Strengths Portrait).
  • Compelling videos that demonstrate strengths-based accountability at work.
  • Practical exercises that apply the concepts of motives, strengths, filters and conflict.

You’ll leave the session with the knowledge and skills critical for addressing your highest-stakes workplace situations—including an action plan tailored to a specific situation you’re facing. Your plan will detail:

  • What’s happening in the situation and how to achieve your goals
  • Who your stakeholders are and what motivates them
  • What strengths you need to deploy with your stakeholders to create the best possible outcomes
  • Your personal Accountability by Choice strategy

Core Strengths Accountability workshops deliver a huge payoff—translating into maximum ROI.

“Core Strengths Accountability has made a difference in our organization. Managers are using strength-based skills in their coaching conversations, and reporting they are more effective than ever before.”
–Jonathan McGrael, Sales Director, Arbor Pharmaceuticals

Put Your Plan Into Action

All managers complete an in-class action plan that prepares them to take ownership and initiative — to choose to be personally accountable — in a high-stakes situation at work. This brings the learning to life by connecting key concepts with real-world challenges from a familiar and time-sensitive context. Not only are managers encouraged to put their new insights to an immediate test, but they are also given a clear and repeatable process to follow in other situations, thus making Core Strengths Accountability sustainable long after the initial classroom experience.

Strengthening Accountability

How would you like to be accountable to 4 million boys and girls? Just ask the staff at the Boys and Girls Clubs of America (BGCA). Every year, they are accountable to help these children grow, develop, thrive, and fulfill their potential.

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