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Core Strengths: Results through Relationships™

People are complex, and that can make interacting with people challenging. At times, it can make them downright difficult – but relationships don’t have to be. Today, managers need people to understand that everyone speaks a unique ‘collaboration language’. That’s where Core Strengths comes in. Our training helps managers and teams understand their own language, and the languages other people speak. It provides even further understanding of how those languages change during conflict and, in turn, how to prevent, manage and resolve it.

Equip teams to succeed. Give them the tools to take initiative, innovate, and make smart decisions. Give them the Core Strengths: Results through Relationships advantage.

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Accountability Workshops

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Core Strengths: Accountability by Choice™

Attend a Core Strengths workshop to learn how to build a proactive culture of ownership in your team. People must take initiative to hold themselves accountable — to take personal responsibility for their actions. In the past, accountability was all about techniques for getting people to do things; but these techniques don’t always connect. In fact, they tend to generate nothing more than compliance — not a true sense of ownership and real accountability. Today, managers need people to take ownership for producing results.

That’s where Core Strengths: Accountability by Choice comes in — our training helps managers create a culture of personal responsibility in teams.

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In-House Workshops

Our training is designed to be delivered in a highly experiential workshop environment. What better way to experience Core Strengths than from the experts themselves? If you are looking for a low-risk commitment – contact us to have one of our master facilitators come to your location and deliver a workshop tailored to your needs. Our expert facilitators deliver training designed for individuals, managers and teams wanting to create a culture of ownership and preview the Core Strengths program prior to launching an initiative.

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  • Learn the how of working better together
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  • Inspire greater personal authenticity

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